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"A SOPHISTICATED NIGHT-CAP. You’ll be mightily impressed!"
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
“A perfect evening of illusion and laughter… The Magic Parlour TRANSFORMED a roomful of tired adults into WIDE-EYED, WIDE AWAKE innocents. And that in itself is Watkins’ most impressive trick."
Chicago Theater Beat
“This late-night magic show is exactly what it should be: funny, lively, intimate, and UTTERLY BAFFLING.”
The Chicago Reader

An intimate evening of classic magic 

Award-winning, third-generation magician Dennis Watkins delivers an evening of sophisticated tom-foolery in one of the Windy City's most unique entertainment experiences. Experience the premier magic show in Chicago, featuring mystifying feats of prestidigitation, sleight of hand, mentalism, and more!


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RUN DATES: An open run continues on Fridays and Saturdays, with more performances this year than ever before!
TIMES: Fridays 7:30 & 9:30pm, Saturdays 4:30, 7:30 & 9:30pm. 
PRICE: $79 - $89
AGES: Recommended for adults and youth ages 12 and up
RUN TIME: This is a 90-minute experience.
The Palmer House Hilton Hotel
17 East Monroe Street, Chicago IL 60603
*Guests convene at Potter's on the lobby level and will be escorted to the private performance venue*

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Join us this summer for a sneak peek at new work being developed at The House! We are thrilled to host and support 16 original works of theatre in the Chicago area this summer!


On August 18, you have the opportunity to experience a few of these exciting new shows in one afternoon!


SATURDAY, AUGUST 18 at 3:00pm

Chicago Performance Lab

University of Chicago

915 E. 60th St

Chicago, IL 60637


These four projects will be showcased in at the August 18th Open House!



By Bennett Fisher

Directed by Monty Cole


Borealis takes us on a House-style adventure with multi-armed monsters, mazes, and missing persons. All set in the corporate headquarters of an Alaskan oil conglomerate. In summer workshops, the artistic team will investigate the theatrical tools we'll use to tell this epic quest story.


Little Girl, Don't Fall

By Jesse Roth, with music by Matthew Muñiz

Little Girl, Don’t Fall is a heroine’s journey, a gothic ghost-story, and a fairytale mash-up musical for young women who don’t know how to fall in love–and are too chippy to listen to those who try to tell them.



We're Good

Adapted and Directed by Vanessa Stalling

From the creator of 2016's award-winning production United Flight 232

A collage of several stories pulled from and inspired by the WBUR podcast Kind World.

This piece will explore what it is that makes someone stop and help a stranger in need. It features stories of kindness and the profound effect that one act can have on a person’s life. Stories include individuals realizing that they are a part of an invisible community all connected through their local gas station attendant, a man who willingly sacrifices his life for a person he had only just met, thousands of strangers writing letters to a young man on his death bed simply because his brother posted a note saying that what makes his brother happy is to receive letters in the mail.



Adapted for the stage by Joseph Steakley and Ben Lobpries

Directed by Chris Mathews


The House brings to life the classic fairy tale of a wooden boy who wishes to become real. Funny, imaginative, and moving, Pinocchio explores how the lies we tell ourselves hurt those we love. The House employs its savvy and heartfelt storytelling to the boy with no strings, and his toymaker father, learning to accept each other for who they are.





By Bennett Fisher
Directed by Monty Cole

When a redacted and ominous letter arrives from her brother on the oil fields, thirteen-year-old Cozbi sets off for Anwar, Alaska to find him. Armed with a book on corporate communication strategy and a sharp ax, Cozbi battles her way through an Arctic wilderness in pursuit of her missing brother.  But she'll have to face more than a multi-tentacled HR rep to learn the truth. Part mythic journey, part workplace satire, Borealis is a dark and funny adventure about family obligation, career aspiration and what we leave behind to make our way to the top.


Showing at the Chopin Theatre August 30 - October 21, 2018!

 The cast from L to R: Johnny Arena, McKenzie Chinn, Desmond Grey, Ben Hertel, Paige Hoffman, Madhura Jugade, Juan Munoz, Karissa J. Murrell Myers, Oly Oxinfry, and Tia Pinson as Cozbi.

The cast from L to R: Johnny Arena, McKenzie Chinn, Desmond Grey, Ben Hertel, Paige Hoffman, Madhura Jugade, Juan Munoz, Karissa J. Murrell Myers, Oly Oxinfry, and Tia Pinson as Cozbi.

The Chopin Theatre
1543 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL 60642

RUN DATES: August 30 - October 21, 2018
TIMES: Thursdays 8:00, Fridays 8:00, Saturdays 8:00, Sundays* 7:00 - 9/23 and 10/7 at 3pm
PRICES: $20-$50
AGES: Cozbi’s battle with corporate ass-hats is recommended for adults and teens. (This one’s got some swears.)

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YOUNG PROFESSIONALS NIGHT, Happy Hour + Performance, Thursday 9/13
Enjoy a pre-show mix n' mingle with drinks and apps and a ticket to the 8:00 show.  Get tickets and info on Eventbrite!