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By Bennett Fisher
Directed by Monty Cole

“Good-hearted, funny, clever, sweetly indignant, and just dark enough before the dawn.” Chicago Reader

"Imaginative storytelling and immersive spectacle." Third Coast Review

"A balm and a beautiful reminder that the sacrifices we make for our search are worth it." Rescripted

"The satire is hilarious, but also quite poignant." Picture This Post

"A progressive heart and genuine creative interest" Chicago Tribune

"Corporate America never looked more fun!" Buzz Center Stage

When a redacted and ominous letter arrives from her brother on the oil fields, thirteen-year-old Cozbi sets off for Anwar, Alaska to find him. Armed with a book on corporate communication strategy and a sharp ax, Cozbi battles her way through an Arctic wilderness in pursuit of her missing brother.  But she'll have to face more than a multi-tentacled HR rep to learn the truth. Part mythic journey, part workplace satire, Borealis is a dark and funny adventure about family obligation, career aspiration and what we leave behind to make our way to the top.


Showing at the Chopin Theatre August 30 - October 21, 2018!

The Chopin Theatre
1543 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL 60642

RUN DATES: August 30 - October 21, 2018
TIMES: Thursdays 8:00, Fridays 8:00, Saturdays 8:00, Sundays* 7:00 - 9/23 and 10/7 at 3pm
PRICES: $20-$50
AGES: Cozbi’s battle with corporate ass-hats is recommended for older kids and teens. (This one’s got some swears.)

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 The cast from L to R: Johnny Arena, McKenzie Chinn, Desmond Grey, Ben Hertel, Paige Hoffman, Madhura Jugade, Juan Munoz, Karissa J. Murrell Myers, Oly Oxinfry, and Tia Pinson as Cozbi.

The cast from L to R: Johnny Arena, McKenzie Chinn, Desmond Grey, Ben Hertel, Paige Hoffman, Madhura Jugade, Juan Munoz, Karissa J. Murrell Myers, Oly Oxinfry, and Tia Pinson as Cozbi.

Borealis sends 13-year-old Cozbi on an epic quest and there's bound to be tussles with monsters real and imagined! "My goal is to make the violence look how Cozbi feels in the moment." - Fight Director, Gaby Labotka

In this epic quest show, actor bodies shape lots of the elements of Cozbi's adventure into Corporate Oil HQ! "I always tell my actors, you are an extension of the story, and your body is just as much telling that story as your words."- Movement Director, Breon Arzell


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"A SOPHISTICATED NIGHT-CAP. You’ll be mightily impressed!"
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
“A perfect evening of illusion and laughter… The Magic Parlour TRANSFORMED a roomful of tired adults into WIDE-EYED, WIDE AWAKE innocents. And that in itself is Watkins’ most impressive trick."
Chicago Theater Beat
“This late-night magic show is exactly what it should be: funny, lively, intimate, and UTTERLY BAFFLING.”
The Chicago Reader

An intimate evening of classic magic 

Award-winning, third-generation magician Dennis Watkins delivers an evening of sophisticated tom-foolery in one of the Windy City's most unique entertainment experiences. Experience the premier magic show in Chicago, featuring mystifying feats of prestidigitation, sleight of hand, mentalism, and more!


Or call (773)769-3832
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RUN DATES: An open run continues on Fridays and Saturdays, with more performances this year than ever before!
TIMES: Fridays 7:30 & 9:30pm, Saturdays 4:30, 7:30 & 9:30pm. 
PRICE: $79 - $89
AGES: Recommended for adults and youth ages 12 and up
RUN TIME: This is a 90-minute experience.
The Palmer House Hilton Hotel
17 East Monroe Street, Chicago IL 60603
*Guests convene at Potter's on the lobby level and will be escorted to the private performance venue*

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"It will bring your family closer together!”

-  Chicago Tribune

Showing at the Chopin Theatre November 8 - December 30, 2018!

family theatre, holiday play

A ballet-free tradition for Chicago!

“Imaginative and inventive! It's more than earned a place in the roster of EXCEPTIONAL Chicago holiday shows. I was teary-eyed in less than five minutes.” Chicago Reader

"It'll pull at your heart strings while hitting your funny bone." - The Fourth Walsh

"Warm ,kind, moving, inclusive, affordable and wholly original!" ★★★★ - Chicago Tribune

New City

We bring this wholly original, ballet-free show back year after year because it truly has something for everyone. The show is fast-paced, beautifully choreographed, family-friendly, and moving for even those of us that might be on the grinch’s side from time to time.

The House’s fantastical expansion of this holiday classic centers on young Clara’s journey to save Christmas in the face of grief. With the help of a magical nutcracker, this brave girl will risk the darkness, fight the Rat King, and save her family! This modern holiday production weaves together riveting dialogue, astonishing puppetry, original song, and spellbinding spectacle to tell a heartwarming, darkly moving story of magic and hope -- a fun outing fit for the whole family.


Created by Phillip Klapperich, Jake Minton, Kevin O'Donnell and Tommy Rapley
Directed and choreographed by Tommy Rapley

The Chopin Theatre
1543 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL 60642

RUN DATES: November 8-December 30, 2018
Thursdays 7:30, Fridays 7:30, Saturdays 3:00 and 7:30, Sundays 2:00 (and 6:00 in December). Added weeknight shows are at 7:00pm.
PRICES: $20-$50
BOX OFFICE: 773-769-3832

AGES: Recommended for ages 5 and up! Read the Parent's Guide.
RUN TIME: 2 hours, with a 15-minute intermission

GROUPS: Save 15% or more when you bring 10+ people!

SPECIAL EVENTS at The Nutcracker 

Enjoy a pre-show mix n' mingle with drinks and apps and a ticket to the 7:30 show.