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Gifts made from 10/1/2016 to 10/12/2017

Guardians ($4,800+)

George and Micki Allen
Mark and Wendy Campana
Katie Coleman and Kathleen Cronin
Terrence Donnelly
Scott Hughes
Samantha Lidecka
Allan Shampine and Kristin Jacobsen
David Shapiro and Mark Losher
David Spielfogel and Lee Crandell
Thomas and Julia Tancredi

Crusaders ($2,400 - $4,399)

Brian Bauer and George Jasinski
Abby Cucci
Kelly Doss
Renee Duba and James Clancy
Rebecca Dye
Susan and Noel Elfant
John and Heidi Hagen
Richard and Jahna Lindsay-Jones
Mr. Christopher Nugent
Lou and Jill Raizin
Matt Reischauer
David and Alexis Schmitz
Mrs. Jane Schmitz
Kathy Witt and Mark Holzman

Champions ($1,020 - $2,399)

Georgia Bozeday
Carrie Heinonen
Fred and Laura Loesing
Sharon Mathews
Doug and Stacey Meyer
Dean and Carol Schroeder
The Vierling Family
Jamie Lynn White

Superheroes ($600 - $1,019)

Daniel Bond and Eryn Gauen
Susan Burland and George Plumb
Rosemary Crowley
Leonora Dickson
Twisted Spoke
Chris and Amy Hagen
Mr. David D Hiller
Pasi Jouhikainen
Karin Kasdorf and Mark Atkinson
Charlie and Laurie Klapperich
Elmo Koplin
Timothy Lyman
The Overmyer Family
Ann B Patterson
Laurie and Jim Richter
Brian Sanderson
Jordan Shields and Sarah Donovan
Annamarie Weaver

Sidekicks ($300 - 599)

Michael Andrews
Bader Family
Gerry Barad and Sharon Ehrens
Dr. Rhonda Blair
Douglas Brown
Michael Connolly and Gae Whitener
Kenneth and Angela Crews
Samuel Crider
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cunix
Kyle Fennell
Roark Frankel and Gillian Goern
Susan Gaud
Arla Gomberg
Lark Gray and Michael Foley
James and Linda Hagen
Fred Hill
Richard Hollway
Bill Horowitz
Glenn and Lisa Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keim Jr.
Rachel Kraft and Douglas Brown
Craig and Joanne Leslie
Ruth Lidecka
Mr. Jamey Lundblad
Bill Melamed and Jamey Lundblad
Pamela Meyer
Mr. Bill O`Keefe and Ms. Susan O`Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O`Keefe
Stephane Phifer
Cherilyn Ramberg
Karen and Frank Schneider
Merry and Dennis Senchak
Katrina and Alexander Smith
Nancy and Michael Timmers
Marilee Unruh
Michael Walters
Seth and Molly Weener
Sarah and Paul Wine

Operatives ($120 - 299)

Halina Abend
Mr. Eric Ashworth
Dane Bolinger
Saskia Bryan
Sharon Burch
Karen Callaway
Michael Cardinale and Autumn Mather
Janet Carl Smith and Mel Smith
Joyce Chelberg
Joann Chmielewski
Morsels Patisserie
Elizabeth Cole
Zackary Collins
Melvyn and Suzanne Defrin
Hub International
Brian Frederick
Christopher George
Rick Gomez
Lee Hamilton
Andrew Hilsberg
Beth and Neil Hirshman
Kevin Paul Hofeditz
Bonnie Humphrey
Jenny and Brian Immerman
Jon Janego
Jeffery Judd
Lee and Chelsea Keenan
Timothy Kelly
Phillip Klapperich
Gail Krueger
Amanda Kulczewski
Marcia Lampela
Mr. John Loop
Lisa A Maki
Gene and Magda Mashburn
Laura Matalon
Jake and Geri Muhvic
Diane Nelson and Gary Cygan
Marie and Bill Noland
John O`Donnell and Bonnie Humphrey
Eileen O`Donnell
Rita Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Perlman
Nicholas Poluha
Andra and Irwin Press
Brian Reif
Tim and Kerri Ressmeyer
Sara Romersberger
Mike and Betty Samluk
Brian Satherlie
William Curtis Schade
Ralph and Charlotte Schell
Gloriane and Jeremy Schmidt
Roche Schulfer and Mary Beth Fisher
Gene and Rosemary Schulter
Amy Schultz
Robert and Polly Sharer
Scott Silberstein
Jessica Sime and Benjamin Singer
Sharon Sih and Brian Sklar
Glenn and Sue Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus J. Smith
Vincent Smith and Alice Silkworth
Ofelia Sobalvarro and John Brooks
Sarah Stec
Beth Strever
Laurie Suomala and John Elfers
Brad Suster
Mary Tancredi
Stephanie Tipton
Mary Toll
Barbara Whitney

Agents ($60-119)

Kerri Alexander
Ms. Bonnie Althoff
Joshua Bartlett
Mr. Stuart Baum
Susan R. Benner
Mary Brady
Daniel Brownell
Ryan Buck
Anna Chapin
Gregory Clapper
John and Angela Crees
Rick Denezza
The Djurovic Family
Dennis Donelon
Tai Duncan
Zygmunt Dyrkacz
Lauren Eames
Alison Fethke
Elizabeth Freeland
Jessica Garfield
Alice Ginsburgh
Peter and Barbara Griggs
Mary Elizabeth Grimm
Akiva and Ruth Gross
Susan Hammond
Ms. Marquita Hanus
Harriet Hausman
Barbara Hausman
James Hendrickson
Amanda Heuermann
John and Leigh Hourihane
Mr. John Hourihane
Greg Hiss, Laura Jansen, and Andrew Hiss
Russell Johnson
Robert Kartholl
Ben and Chloe Lasser
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Loewenstein
Mary Ellen Lukavsky
Carl May
Brett Middendorf
Ms. Robin Minkow
Laurie and Phillip Nevills
Timothy Ortmann
Mike Pantello
Nikki Piermarini and Robert James
Jonathan Ramos
Alexander Ramos
Thomas and Donna Ray
Melaney and Dewayne Reed
Joe Reinstein
Ilyse Robbins
Molly Rossow
Steve Roth
Dr. Joel Sammarco
Justin Schell
Todd Schermer
Ms. Helen Schmit
Kathleen and Greg Schrobilgen
Ms. Valerie Schrock
Scott Schroeder
Wendy Schultz
Mr. William Schwaber
Jordan Simonson
David Stanford
Claire Starshak
Melody Turner
Katy Walsh
Melinda Wetzel
Sarah Whitton
Lisa Wiersma
John and Teressa Wilson
Daniel Zaharopol
Bruce Zale

Foundation and Government Supporters

Chicago Performance Lab
The MacArthur Fund for Arts and Culture at Prince
Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
The Shubert Foundation
Illinois Arts Council
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation

Corporate Supporters

ComEd, Lighting Sponsor
Latham & Watkins
CH Distillery
Dom & Tom Development
HMS Media

Many of our projects are partially supported by a CityArts Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events.

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